The fairy tale of Maersk: a new capital for climate change

The New Capital aims to preserve the essence of extinct Danish core values and the social security of the civilization


Short project summery:

The project encapsulates a proposal for Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller on how to create a sustainable legacy in the heart of Copenhagen as an alternative to the Copenhagen Opera House.

The presented scenario will visualize a series of urban strategies that address various challenges in the build environment, specifically as a case study for central Copenhagen in the near future.

The aim is to preserve the essence of extinct Danish core values and the wellfare state of our civilization in the 21st century.

The Manifest includes (BILAG):
- Video (10 min animated fairy tale)

- Project describtion
- Illustrations
- Index Register
- 1 10 m long drawing on a drawing table (Exhibition Only)

The narrative of the project is influenced by “THE NIGHTINGALE”, a fairytale by H.C. Andersen.

“The Nightingale” (Danish: “Nattergalen”) is a literary fairy tale by Hans Chris an Andersen about an emperor who prefers the tinkling of a bejeweled mechanical bird to the song of a real nightingale. When the Emperor is near death, the nightingale’s song restores his health.

The Emperor of China learns that one of the most beau ful things in his empire is the song of the nightingale. When he orders the nightingale brought to him, a kitchen maid (the only one at court who knows of its whereabouts) leads the court to a nearby forest where the bird is found. The nightingale agrees to appear at court. The Emperor is so delighted with the bird’s song that he keeps the nightingale in captivity. When the Emperor is given a bejeweled mechanical bird he loses interest in the real nightingale, who returns to the forest. The mechanical bird eventually breaks down due to overuse.

The Emperor is taken deathly ill a few years later. The real nightingale learns of the Emperor’s condition and returns to the palace. Death is so moved by the nightingale’s song that he departs and the emperor recovers. The nightingale agrees to sing to the emperor of all the happenings in the empire, that he will be known as the wisest emperor ever to live.

I have connected key elements and roles of the characters in the fairytale specifically to places in the center of Copenhagen.

Amongst others, these characters include:

Maersk Mc Kinney Møller. Represents the Emperor - the Client
- Famous for the quote “due diligence” (Rettidigt omhu)

The Old Capital Copenhagen. Represents the Empire - the site

The Copenhagen Opera House. Represents the (Artificial bird) - a Negative future
- Elite
- Individual
- Control/Power

Christiania. Represents the (Real bird) - a Positive future
- Equality
- Community
- Freedom of life

The presented scenario will visualize a piece og inhabited infrastructure as a combination of nature and industry. This infrastructure encapsulates a community of international volunteers fighting global climate change by training/educating representatives from endangered civilizations to adapt their ways of living accordingly to climate change.

As a laboratory of sustainability, the facility functions as an aid center hub for humans in need of disaster relief. It includes a FOOD BANK - that will produce and preserve food, a CLEAN WATER BANK - that will treat wastewater from “Lyne en” and store clean water, and a FACTORY - that manufactures components of infrastructure, both for crisis situations around the globe and to promote component reuse.

Useable components/waste with poten al for reuse is imported through the trade connection infrastructure of MAERSK SHIPPING and back to “NCAGCC” in Copenhagen (Denmark). The components gets treated in various stages that include analyses and storage of usable pieces and energy production from rest material.

The pieces from the stored waste inventory are used to manufacture prototype components of infrastructure. These components are then sent out (as elements of knowledge) in the world to show how communities can create essen al facilities from waste materials in a sustainable process to help the communities cope with challenges of climate change.

To make sure that the opera on can continue in the future and thereby leave behind a sustainable legacy, the components is used to build its own community.

As a reinterpretation of Noahs ark, The New Capital aims to preserve the essence of extinct Danish core values and the social security of the civilization towards the 22nd century.