Summer School

CAFx Architecture & Film Summer School x 2021

In July 2021 we ran a summer school  focusing on UN's 'Leave No One Behind' agenda (LNOB)


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The topic of the 2021 CAFx Summer School wassustainable, inclusive and non-discriminatory architectural solutions in an urban, residential or rural environment. 

CAFx is launching a global short film competition in 2021, focusing on the UN 'Leave No One Behind' agenda (LNOB) with the task of documenting inclusive and non-discriminatory design solutions in the participants' immediate environment, resulting in a mosaic of films of maximum 3 minutes.

A major reason for working with the LNOB focus is the persistent forms of discrimination in the design of the built environment, indoors, outdoors, public and private. This includes discrimination against socially, physically or mentally vulnerable or challenged groups based on gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, limited mobility or income.

The film competition kicks off globally with the broadcast of an open call later this year and the summer school in July. All films produced during the summer school can be submitted to the competition which will run into 2023.


The summer school offered lessons in filmmaking and inclusive design as well as professional sparring on one's film. The course was open to anyone interested in the intersection between film and architecture.

During the summer school, the participants met up to eight times - for online feed back sessions. It kicked off with all participants. During the summer school the participants were introduced to sessions of lectures and tutoring in smaller groups and for online courses with different tutors.

Every participant worked individually and each realized one short film within the five weeks and premiered them all together at the end of the course on 6th of August.

As tutors this year we had architects and researchers Masahi Kajita, Sofie Stilling, Anna Ulrikke Andersen and Nina Bacun / Oaze; film makers Eva Mulvad, Boris Bertram and Johann Lurf; curators and spatial practitioners s.o.f.t. agency and fem arc.

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