Summer School

Nextminster 2020

In 2016, through a failure of statecraft of unparalleled magnitude, David Cameron managed to convert a problem of party management into a constitutional crisis.


Managing the interests of the several nations and regions of the UK has never been easy, but by 2018 the conceit that Westminster is a British parliament has finally been jettisoned. A new federal settlement has been established, with many democratic functions moving north to Manchester. What then to do with Westminster? The film hears a city planner reading from an imagined Compulsory Purchase Order which enforces the acquisition of the Palace of Westminster and its environs by the Greater London Authority. The site is the latest in a series of public assets earmarked for regeneration, and justification for this is illustrated with found footage explaining how we got here, and where Westminster is going next.

Produced during CAFx Summer School 2016 in Aarhus.
August 9th - 19th at Aarhus School of Architecture.
Studio_03: Abstract by Léopold Lambert and Johann Lurf.

Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx),
Future Architecture Platform,
Aarhus School of Architecture,
Co-funded by the Creative Europe
Program of the European Union
and Statens Kunstfond.