Summer School

People x Waterfront

People x Waterfront by Ivona Svinți - 8 min | 2016


About the film:
The idea for this project began with water and, more specifically, the relationship
between water and people. This may be old news for Western Europe it
is not so for Romania. Aarhus’ well defined and positive relationship with the
canal proved a nice opportunity for me to further explore the subject.
My film focuses on a single space in the city and how people use it. The space
that drew my attention is Mølleparken, not necessarily for its architectural
profile but for the diversity of the people that spend time there. I’m interested
in how the profile of the people using Mølleparken for different activities
changes from day to night. During the day there might be people doing
sports, reading, talking, but as evening settles in the profile of the people
there gradually changed. My documentary follows how the waterfront of this
park is changes it’s appearance and profile throughout one day.

Produced during CAFx Summer School 2016 in Aarhus.
August 9th - 19th at Aarhus School of Architecture.
Studio_03: Abstract by Léopold Lambert and Johann Lurf.

Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx),
Future Architecture Platform,
Aarhus School of Architecture,
Co-funded by the Creative Europe
Program of the European Union
and Statens Kunstfond.