Summer School

Sensory Poem # 8

Sensory Poem # 8 (sound space interpretation) by Thor Rasmussen - 3 min | 2016


About the project by Christian Saucedo, Matilde Norsker, Shooka Motamedi, Thor Rasmussen:
Cinema itself can simulate the embodiment of space through sound and sequenced
still images reproducing movement and time. This non physical place,
between the limitations of the cinematic media put in relation to the physical
sensory embodied space, and its limitless sensory input, has been the main
theme of this group exhibition. With the exhibition ‘From the infinite to the point’
we form a poetic discussion about the space between the non physics of cinema
and the limitless sensory realm of space perception.

A glance - Images, Cinema is like a window, but architecture is what the window Sweet combination of warm and cold
is Confined in it. Audience objects are only the implements of the audience’s
vision, but sometimes it personifies to the extent that it acts as one of the main
film characters of the film.

The material at the exhibition is a documentation of the summer school
process, where we formed our experiences of sensing the space into sensory
poems: A Sensory poem is an object that makes you sense the space, by using
cinematic methods. These objects make people aware of the interaction
between a physical space and bodily perception. The sensory poem produces
a common basis for discussing sensory space perception in relation to cinema.
The poems are used to reinterpret space in a cinematic way, without it actually
being the cinema.

Produced during CAFx Summer School 2016 in Aarhus.
August 9th - 19th at Aarhus School of Architecture.
Studio_01: Films tell stories. So does architecture by Carmen García and Anja Humljan.

Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx),
Future Architecture Platform,
Aarhus School of Architecture,
Co-funded by the Creative Europe
Program of the European Union
and Statens Kunstfond.