Summer School

Descension by Gianluca Rota

Descension by Gianluca Rota - 3 min | 2016


About the film:

The Aarhus townhall is both the location and protagonist of this short film. The building is an exquisite example of Scandinavian functionalism, designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1938. The Aarhus townhall is characterised by the elegance of its details. The austere grey marble facade creates a neat contrast with the refined interiors.
Despite its solemn appearance, the building is welcoming and such a feeling inspired the creation of this film.
A ping pong ball is used to interact with the townhall in an unusual and playful way. Every scene is an attempt to document the architectural value of this building by exploring the space and materials through movement and sound.

Produced during CAFx Summer School 2016 in Aarhus.
August 9th - 19th at Aarhus School of Architecture.
Studio_03: Abstract by Léopold Lambert and Johann Lurf.

Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx),
Future Architecture Platform,
Aarhus School of Architecture,
Co-funded by the Creative Europe
Program of the European Union
and Statens Kunstfond.