Ph.d. forskning i film og arkitektur

From January 2020 until March 2023, PhD fellow Sofie Stilling will be exploring how film can be used as a tool to communicate place bound and sensuous characteristics between stakeholders involved in the early phases of architecture.


Sofie is enrolled at University of Copenhagen in the Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning, and she is supervised by Josephine Michau, Ellen Braae and Mads Farsø. The project is conducted as research about, through and for design, with a number of case film from selected locations in Denmark and abroad.

The hypothesis of the project is, that film can capture and communicate the material and immaterial spatial and sensuous characteristics, which predominant architectural tools aren’t suited to communicate, and which therefore gets lost in a technical and legal process and communication between stakeholders in the construction industry. That the film format can capture and communicate a more complex and sensuous representation of a place, which can be understood by everyone across disciplines.

The project is made possible by generous contributions from the Innovation Foundation, Realdania and the University of Copenhagen